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Things to Consider When Creating a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page

Studies have it that more than half of web traffic comes from mobile devices. You, therefore, need to confirm that your page is mobile-friendly. It will be best if you concentrate your landing page as it is what visitors glance at first. If you do not know how to make your landing page more mobile-friendly, worry not. In this article, there are steps that will help you optimize your landing page. Read more now on how to the steps to make the changes to make on your landing page.

The best content is short, straight to the point and easy to understand. They should be a summary of the contents in your homepage. Visitors will be impatient when the landing page has lots of information. Different from the computer screens, the mobile phones might not allow for huge contents. For this reason, it would help to remove all additional information on the landing page.

Your page need one call to action. The main aim of having a landing page is to communicate the key value. At the same time, it would be beneficial if you have a key action. Visible and self-explanatory call actions tend to be more effective. This means that they should be simple and contrasting form the rest of the page. It has to be the center of attention for any visitor.

A fast loading time would help. The slower the loading page the higher the bounce rate. For example, most visitors will not be patients in a landing page that takes more than 3seconds to load. The speed of a website reflects on the number of plugins and the size of the media. It would help to know that the steps involved on the site will affect the corresponding speed. It is advisable to test your pages regularly and have few active plugins.

It will be best to choose uncomplicated media. You need to examine the images and video on the page. They have a high likelihood of slowing down the site, or making it seem disorganized. You need to ensure that images and videos are at the minimum, only upload them when it is a must. Making a white background will make your page look more organized.

It is important to have mobile-friendly popups. In most cases, many use popups to generate more leads to their websites. With this, you will benefit more if the popups are made to suit mobile use. You need to confirm that the popups and mobile landing size go hand in hand. Your visitors will have an easier time leaving the popups.

Since you already know what it takes to have a mobile-friendly landing page, you might need assistance in one way or another. Read more here for info. on our guides and design tips.

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