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earn $ 25.32 Just clicking

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do you want to make 25 dollars and 32 cents by just clicking on one button and when I mean clicking on one button I’m literally minute right there it’s not the clickbait videos this is not a sales video that gonna push you to buy something just some pure value that I show you what is behind the scene how people are actually making hundreds and hundreds of dollars and they can do that because of just this one secret method and I just think about why not I share with my subscribers exactly how it works and how you can begin earning money starting today after you watch this video it is really super easy that anyone I believe anyone can do that and here’s the cash you have to wash every single minute of this video because I literally throw in a ton of different secret different tactics different tips throughout the entire video and you definitely don’t want to miss them and there’s where you can make a lot of money that gonna pay you in paper-money direct bang in check bitcoin they paid through different payment methods and they’re available basically worldwide they’re covering many different countries but before we go into the video if this is the first time they came across my channel my name is Benson be sure to go down below and click on the red subscribe button and also turning on the notification bell as well so that you don’t miss any single videos from me about different methods to make money online alright so let us go on to google.com right now I want you to follow me step by step throughout the answer video because once you miss certain steps certain tips everything just doesn’t connect together right does that make sense to you so that is first off go to google.com and I want you to type in a keyword people per hour people per hour and let us search on it and you can see the first website I pop-up people per hour calm and you’re just gonna click on that and we are going to land on the actual website the logo looks just like this okay people per hour so on this website is 100% free that you can sign up and after that you can find different jobs that you can do and I’ll show you what is the best job right now with just one single click of a button and you can earn 25 dollars and 32 cents again and and is really simple but you have to follow me okay so first off when you kind of do this website I want you to sign up for a free account right now okay so that you can get verified very important let’s go on a hover our mouse to the top right hand corner the sign um okay click on the signup button and we are going to land on this page where you can register okay I will highly recommend you to just go on and fill in your name your last name your email address your password and you can select whatever location that you are in currently and it’s detecting my current location I’m from Malaysia and I want you to click on this free lens okay click on this freelancer because we are here to offer certain services and sell it to people and make money right and don’t freak out because I know that you probably don’t know how to do any stuff you don’t have any experience you don’t have any excuses just like what I did okay I don’t know to do any single stuff but these powerful methods today you can basically just click one button and you can begin earning money let me show you how it works in the middle and then the later part of this video but just follow me step by step right now okay just click on this freelancer and click on I’m not a robot and I agree to the terms a condition and click on this orange signup button and that’s all okay they’re gonna send you a verification email to your email address that you put in just click on the verification link that’s all right that’s all the answer Center process and right now I want to show you let us go back to the home page right now I want you to hover your mouse to the search click on this search button and click on such offers alright such offers and I want you to type in the keyword because basically on this website we can sell many different services but right now on this video we are just going to focus on this one single thing wishes is background removal okay just type in background removal and click on the search button and then basically you can see there are many different people there offer discount services where they help different people to you know remove the background of the photos for example there’s a wine picture right there and after they remove the background you’ll become like this okay transparent at the background and then for example can sit is greater that’s a background as a wall but after they removed the background become like transparent or white and background think about is just one photos that you help people to remove the background you can earn 10 pounds 10 pounds right there 15 pounds 10 pounds 20 pounds 18 pounds by just removing the background so right now the next question that you might have is that hey Branson I don’t know how to remove a background of the photos and then I don’t know how to do that as well and that’s a reason why I want to show you this free software it’s 100% free where you just click on one single button and it can instantly help you to remove the background of the photos and it takes about three seconds or maybe just five seconds right and you can start selling those photos on this platform for free and you can begin earning a lot of money but right now I’ll show you what is the software that you can use and also a few I think about three to four tips that can help you get a lot of sales even if you are complete beginner because they are very important right because there are a lot of beginners who come on this website and they try to sell something on there and they’re basically not getting any sales because I want to show you what it’s the fastest methods they’re able to help a complete beginner to get a few sales coming in five or ten sales so that they can have some review some feedback and once people land on your profile they see that hey you know you have been making 5 or 10 sales and people are giving you some good reviews maybe four or five stars reading and then I trust you and that’s a reason why you can make a lot of sales at the back end right that’s very important stay tuned for the tips that I want to give you they’re very valuable there are no people are willing to share that with you okay and so let us see at how much that you can actually charge people for doing that let’s click on this one example make transparent background when I click on this and you can see that basically this guy right here is selling a services to remove the background of a photos and let’s see okay let’s see the price is 10 pounds okay so if I’m a business owners and I come on two people per hour calm and I’m gonna look at a price because if they charge the cheapest and the lowest price the first thing that came into my mind is that you know whether they have a quality is a scam right and I think a lot of you know I’m not really trusting that guy but I’ll find somebody that has a better experience but at the same time I don’t want something they’re very expensive like 80 pounds or 50 pounds so that’s a first tip that I want to give you is that I want you to charge and a meter price visit about 20 pounds or 25 pounds let’s go on to convert pounds okay pounds to u.s. dollars and see how much that we are able to earn in u.s. dollars for example you are charging about 20 pounds to get 20 pounds and that’s a reason why we can sell for 25 dollars and 30 cents with just one single click of the button which is the titles of this entire video so for example right let us go back to our online calculator we are selling about 25 dollars and 30 cents for just one photos and if you can do it just about 5/5 okay and we can make about a hundred and twenty-six dollars per day by just removing background over photos by just using a free software right does that make sense to you if that’s powerful to leave a like to this video and I’ll show you actually exactly how it works okay so let us go back to the you know to this right here so we can sell about 20 pounds for this service so right now I want to show you the actual software that you can use let us go back to google.com okay and I want you to type in a keyword remove BG and press on search okay and you can see the first website I pop out right here triple-double removed RBG when I click on this one and you can see this website okay a hundred percent automatically in five seconds without a single click and you can begin you know remove any background of an image it’s okay for example right there and you can turn it into right here with transparent background for example some I think some example right here you can actually switch the background at the end okay so right now I want you to click on this select photos this green button when I click on this one basically they’re gonna pop up your picture library and I wanna give you an example using one of my photos and after I select my photos I want you to drag down below a little bit and you can see my photos right there the original image and there’s me right there with this post all right that is it okay and after that I can remove my exact background become transparent I mean man there is it that is it right there super powerful this website there are a very minimum amount of people that know about these website does exists and you can just with one single click of a button okay one single click of a button remove the background you can see how much people are charging that and it’s ridiculous okay do this I mean this guy right is selling for 10 pounds I mean you can sell it for 10 pounds if you want but I highly recommend to do it on 20 pounds because people think that if you’re charging higher prices people think that you have a better quality but exactly that’s the same thing okay just some psychological trick so now I want to give you a few tips that you can actually utilize the entire process where you can find you know post a job right there and also using this free software that’s this free website do actually remove your background that’s very important for you to rack up some initial reviews okay for example you look at this guy right there when I scroll down to the very bottom of this page you can see that no excellent as usual fast and efficient good works as always 5 stars review whenever people see them that they’ll have more confidence to able to buy your services and basically like excellent as usual fast and efficient what why the hell not because just one simple one click of a button and basically people that don’t know about this website does exist ok if they know about this website they are just gonna go on the website that himself and just gonna do it by themselves right and that’s a reason why you watch my videos and I’ll show you the most latest the most up-to-date methods to make money a lot of different strategies on my channel be sure to subscribe so that you can have more future videos about different methods to make money okay and basically I’ll leave all the trainings and you know the links that it can helpful to you help to make more money now in the video description you can check that out as well and so right now we can go to google again Google is our best friend right let’s go into Google and I want you to type in photo editing forms okay and run I will show you some of the best form right now in the market place wishes photographed are calm slash forums and also Cena calm and it’s a bleeping computer don’t come this is the three most famous photo editing forum for general people so right now I want you to focus on these two website okay this photograph talk and so bleeping computer comm when you click on this for example this okay let me show you this website real quick so basically this is a forum where people come on here and discuss and talk about different photographs and on here you can find different people that wanna get them you know some do some photo editing like remove the background of your photos basically you can just create a free account when I click on this signup button and just click on this sign up using Instagram Facebook and or just use your username and password and click on this sign up button and verify your email that’s how you can get a free account it can begin chatting with people discuss with people posting up and recommending people to you know to your sales page okay to your website where you offer these services and that’s how we can get some initial sales but of course there’s just one way to do it and if I maximize the result of course you can sign up on multiple websites multiple different forums for example DP review and also bleeping computer comm so you can have a lot of sales every single day because once you post your discussion writer is basically on complete automation meaning that when they are sleeping you’re traveling you’re doing your own stuff people might still came across and visit the polls I know and came across your services right so basically that’s a very good way to earn some passive income so whenever you receive certain jobs you can just gonna go on to you know this website and remove the background that’s basically very simple and a good thing I like about people per hour is that they are very less people know about this website meaning that they are very non-competitive so that’s you as a beginner you can very easily jump on this marketplace and whenever people write they have very much traffic every day they have people business owners entrepreneurs local businesses they can come out here and find people to help them to remove the background of the photos and they’re just you know just tell me on a cue like remove background right photos and they’re just gonna find an expert and they’re gonna you know just grow now to see different people and they might eventually came across your profile meaning that you can have a lot of free traffic free visitors every day and a small percentage of people my came across your services and buy that from you that’s how you can get some initial sales as well again be sure to charge a Demeter price about 20 pounds that’s what I recommend and that a good way to go and eventually you can increase the price to 25 pounds and eventually 50 pounds by just doing that right that’s very simple and then para strategy – this is a hundred percent free and it is working in many different countries I hope that you do like this video be sure to like this video and leave down your comment if you think that it is fantastic that is awesome and again check out any links down in the video description I have some training for you to help to earn extra more money if you’re interested about that and I see my next video


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