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  • ​​Link Bank Management
  • ​Tracking And Statistics
  • Link Organization
  • ​Retargeting Pixels
  • Link Cloaking
  • ​EasyLink Page Redirects
  • ​EasyLinks Mobile App

It’s true. 300% increase in sales. It only took 10 seconds.

What exactly did they do?

They started retargeting every click they generated with whatever we were selling or promoting.

The cool thing is that we could even do this with affiliate sites or
to JV Zoo offers.

Now, this used to be very complicated to do.

Not anymore. The just released their ‘secret’ link engagement
platform called Easy Links.


This is not a link tracker or a link Cloaker. It’s a full ‘Link Engagement’ platform.

* Create ‘Easy Links In 10 Seconds.
* Retarget all Your Links With The Click Of A Button
* Use A Branded Domain Or They Will Provide One For You.
* Set Start And Expiration Dates For Your Links
* Holding Pages For Link Phases
* Easily Track All Action and Conversions
* Keep All Your Links Organized By Type



The Lead Bank

You’re going to find EasyLinks is very easy to use.  There is NOTHING complicated about it… and you’ll be setting up EasyLinks in 45 seconds.

EasyLinks Statistics

You’re going to be able to track where your visitors are, are they unique vs bots and what kind of device are they clicking your link from.

Link Retargeting

Every single one of your EasyLinks can very easily fire off a retargeting Pixel.  We even have it where your root domain can do the same.

Unlimited Domains

You can add as many domain names to EasyLinks. There is no limit as to how many domains you can add.

Link Organization

Definitely a feature you’re not going to find anywhere else.  You’re going to be able to keep all your links handy and organized with a single click.

Hold Pages

One of the BEST features inside this platform.  You’re able to redirect your clicks based on the status of the page.  This can happen automatically for you!
Get it now as you click below:

EasyLinks Mobile App

We’re going to send EasyLinks to your fingertips. You can download the mobile app for Android or Apple. You will need an account to access your links
What Exactly Is The “EasyLinks System”?
EasyLinks is a link management system that is going to handle all of your linking needs.  It is a system unlike no other.  It’s a system that Chad Nicely built for his own company.  It has features that you won’t find anywhere else.  At the time this page is being created there have been millions of links created inside of this system, also resulting in millions of dollars in sales.
Whom Is EasyLinks For?
EasyLinks is for ANYBODY who is trying to run an online business.  If you don’t have a way to shorten, brand and track your links, then you are LOSING SALES!  It’s for anybody that is trying to generate leads or sales online.  It’s for ANYBODY that is out there sharing links.  If you don’t have it you are LOSING MONEY!
Will You Help Me Get Setup?
You will find that EasyLinks doesn’t need a lot of setup. There is nothing for you to install, all you need to do is simply login to the members area.  We will provide you with a username and password.  Now once you have logged in,  there are a set of tutorial videos that will walk you through how to use the system, but I think you will find it is VERY INTUITIVE and very simple to use.
How Is This Different From Other Tools?
Well first of all, you have to know this is NOT a new tool.  You really don’t want it to be either!  This tool was created in 2014.  It has thousands of users that will tell you this is their “GO-TO” platform for link management.  Most of the link management tools that are out there have copied what we created years ago.
Is This Better Than WordPress?
HANDSDOWN!  Trust me.  We lost over $100,000 in sales and nearly 3,500 links because of the WordPress platform.  WordPress was NOT created to handle a SAAS type of software like EasyLinks.  My advice to you is to STOP using that software ASAP!  You’re too dependent on WordPress and all the other updates with your plugins!
How Does The Mobile App Work?
Very simple actually!  Once you download the mobile app from Google Playstore or Itunes you will simply login with the same username and password you were issued once you purchased the EasyLinks platform.

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