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With the advent of internet, the netizens have been increasing at a turbulent pace. This has diminished the potency of traditional marketing techniques to reach the right customers. Internet has proven fruitful for many businesses to reach the mass with the right pitch.

Email marketing software is one of the widely used tools of integrated marketing communications. It has substantiated to be prudent in engaging the right customer with the cheapest budget compared to other internet marketing tools.

One of the best approaches to stay in contact with your clients is to start an email marketing campaign. This idea has been utilized by more of all big and small size organisation, regardless of their occupation. Bulk mail software is a program that is used to send emails in large quantity includes various features that is helpful for successful email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing software provides mail services which are free of cost and consist of numerous features which depend on functionality that might require one to send triggered emails, blast emails and so on with the help of different marketing services.

  • Transactional emails- The transactional emails include an opt-in phase where customers get added to your mailing list. A few examples that can be seen are request for password reset, email for confirmation of order and email requests. Since the customers opted in, therefore, the open rate for transactional emails has gone significantly higher as compared to a newsletter. As a result, email marketing software takes shape as an administrative tool, it still remains a marketing tool because you get an opportunity to include subtle cross-sell or up-sell messages.
  • Newsletter – It has been seen that the best email marketing solutions act as a communication tool. A newsletter is sent so as to provide valuable content like articles, tips, announcements and so on, which are aligned with the product’s value and customers’ needs and interests. The newsletter will help you to maintain an open line between your business and the customers and thereby, entertaining the customers.
  • Direct Sales – Very commonly used for email marketing software as emails are sent in order to promote offers. This provides the inclusion of a product catalogue which is compared to the printed versions sent by a snail mail. It can be seen that the emails are sent to your purchased list or the mailing list.
  • Autoresponders – This helps you to send multi-tiered mail based on the feedback of the recipients. Email tools are provided by best email marketing software so as to help you map your main mail to different paths. You will find that one path can lead to nurturing, whereas another path can lead to the shopping cart. Triggers can be set for launching the autoresponder. For instance, when a download button is clicked by someone, he or she signs for a free trial or makes a purchase from your online store.

Welcome and thank you messages are sent with the help of autoresponders. Customers appreciate the fact when one takes out time to appreciate their engagement. It has been seen that autoresponder is leveraged   the email marketing software.

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