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Get Paid to Take Photos – How to Make Money Selling photos online..

The internet is home to many opportunities for those that want to start selling photos online. However, with the abundance of free images it is easy to see how easy it is to get distracted. Before you know it you are downloading an underwater photograph of a stingray as your digital camera sends back a micro-image of the water. The next photo you take looks just as good, or even better, as the first. Before you know it you are downloading an image of a shark that you took in the ocean. And before you know it you have downloaded an image of the dinosaur that you took on a beach.

Get Paid To Take PhotosStart With The Right Photography Equipment Before you can begin selling photos on the internet, you must have the right photography equipment. The camera you currently use must be capable of taking pictures in all lighting conditions. It should also be equipped with at least four basic filters so that you can create the best photos possible. You must also own at least one basic editing program that will allow you to crop, rotate, remove red eye, and enhance the colors in your photographs. All of these features will make it very easy for you to start making money selling your photography online.

The Importance of Instagram As many photographers have discovered the power of social media sites such as Instagram, many are turning to this platform to market their photos. If you are serious about making money with your photography, there is no better place to promote your photos online than Instagram. Not only does Instagram offer a free way to share your photos with friends but you can sell them directly on the site for more than you would earn from selling stock images. With all of the creative options available for people that want to make some extra cash it is not surprising that more photographers are turning to Instagram to make some extra cash.



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