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what’s going on my friend Pierre berry here back with another powerful money making method in today’s video I’m gonna share with you how you can get $15 deposits over and over again into your PayPal account instantly just doing a few minutes of work per day okay so if you’re excited about that be sure to smash that like button let me know and also if you want to never miss out on my latest money-making methods and videos be sure to go down below click the subscribe button and also that Bell icon so you never miss out on my latest training videos so without further adieu my friend I’m gonna dive right in like I always do in my videos not mitt you know no fluff cut right to the point and share with you how this works okay now I’m on the website and its called clicks fly comm and what this website does is basically it pays you all right now I’m on click sly calm and what this website basically does is it allows you to shorten a URL now if you don’t know a URL is basically it’s the top part of a website it’s the address okay it’s the URL it’s it’s the thing up here okay this is the URL now what this allows you to do is basically you put a URL in here and then you will shorten the link okay and I’m gonna share with you that in a second so you may be wondering first off with this step-by-step method what type of link should we shorten well what I recommend to just get started is to use a YouTube video okay now if I go to youtube I actually searched in dog training and what you want to do is you want to search basically a topic that you’re interested in it doesn’t really matter I just picked a random topic to show you that you can kind of do this with anything but you can do dog training you can do health and fitness you can do you know making money online really anything that has a problem that someone would experience so with dog training people usually want to you know train their dog they’re tired of their dog barking and not sitting sitting and stuff like that right so you know you can use you can just use dog training for this example as well and copy me and exactly what I do but basically once you do that you’re just gonna go to the one of the top videos that are ranked ranked up here and they have a lot of likes okay and you’re just gonna copy right-click and you can copy the link address now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go back to clicks fly and we’re just gonna paste it in there okay now when I hit this arrow what happens is that it actually shortens and you can see that it’s shortened here now I do want to make a point you do have to create a free account first off you just put your you know email address and a password and then you can be able to do this okay so it’s gonna prompt you to create an account but once you do that you’re gonna put a URL in here again a YouTube video and you’re gonna get a link now I’m gonna copy this and I’m gonna go to it in a new tab and I want you to see why or what happens and how clicks fly pays you okay how do you actually make money now if I open this link in a new tab I’m gonna share with you what actually happens and how we get paid with this method okay so if I open up in a new tab it’s gonna show this and it’s basically showing ads okay these are actually advertisements from companies and you the person’s gonna hit next and again I’ll make this very simple it’s gonna redirect in four three two one seconds okay and as it redirects you’re gonna see that it’s gonna take them to a page like this okay and this is with clicks like aam you can see this advertisement and then what the person’s gonna do is they’re basically gonna do I’m not a robot okay they’re gonna enter that CAPTCHA and you know do this okay and this is again not what you’re gonna be doing all day okay don’t worry about that this is gonna take a few minutes but this is I want to share with you the process so you can understand it and once you understand you can go out there and start to succeed okay so if they click here to continue basically it’s gonna eventually take them to the link to that YouTube video okay so now what I want to do is share with you how exactly do you make money with this and why is clicks fly com actually allowing us to shorten links and pay us right well what happens is when you shorten your link and you give that link to someone it’s gonna show an advertisement before it gets to the destination which is our YouTube video remember this video here clicks fly gets paid by other companies to show ads to people okay so clicks fly is making a good amount of money just showing advertisements to people that click our links and what they will do is if you get people to see your link and see your ads they will pay us clicks fly will pay us a portion of that money into a PayPal account just for using their service and showing ads to people okay so that’s how we’re gonna be making money and what I’m gonna share with you as you keep watching is how we can get a massive amount of people clicking our links seeing those ads and then making money through clicks fly okay I hope that’s making sense now real quick let me share with you how much money you can actually expect to make so depending on your country okay you’re gonna make a different amount depending on if the person that sees the ad is on a desktop computer or a mobile and tablet now these are earnings per thousand views so every time you know it gets a thousand views now in the United States where I’m at you get fifteen dollars for a thousand views okay and again it’s gonna be very simple to get views as I share with you these powerful methods in a second but 15 dollars okay so again as you keep watching towards the end I’m gonna share with you how you can make hundreds of dollars today I mean up to like four hundred dollars or more every single day many of my students have been doing it using this simple system but if you just want some extra money and maybe you have some free time a few minutes a day in between you know go you’re going to work going to school things like that this method is gonna be perfect for you okay so now let me share with you how we can start getting people to go to this link okay once you have your link set up it’s going to a specific YouTube video how do we get people to click that link and make us money well one of the first methods I’m gonna share with you is called Cora now Cora is a question-and-answer website and what happens is people will ask questions basically wanting to know information on you know certain topics so what we want to do is we wanted whatever topic the video the YouTube video is we want to basically look into Cora for that topic so if I go here and do dog training okay and I searched that topic and I do answer okay you click answer right there it’s gonna have all these people recently that I’ve asked questions now I could even make it even better and just do dogs okay dog training may not be as as popular but basically you’re just gonna look through and then you’re gonna look for some questions okay that people have asked so you know can dogs what do dogs do you can even do this to make it even easier if you know how to stop my dog from and then that’s gonna lead into a question okay so you can go what’s the best way to stop excessive dog barking now I can open up this question and if I’ve created a free account with Korra I can answer this now what you want to do is you don’t want to just spam your link okay you don’t want to go out there and just spam it on YouTube comments and put your link on Facebook everywhere because that’s not gonna be the way to do it it’s gonna be spammy people are gonna get turned off what you want to do like uncor ofor example is give value okay so maybe you watch some of this video get some of the information give some good tips to their question and then say hey if you want more information click this link and check it out and then you’re gonna send them to your link right here and a lot of people I mean sometimes you know some of these questions get thousands and thousands of views and just if a portion will go to that every day once you post your answer you’re gonna be getting a lot more money and a lot of stuff now I actually did a full video on using Quora recently and how to actually use it and go into way more detail I’ll pop up a card if you want to check that out it’s actually a slightly different method to make money but it uses Quora I also want to leave you with one other method and I actually did a full video on this too which I’ll pop another card up on how to use Facebook groups to start getting a ton of visitors to your website but basically what you can do is type in at the top search bar on Facebook the topic okay so dog training in this example then you want to click the tab groups and you want to join a few popular groups okay at least 10,000 members and you can see the members right here once you do that you’re gonna basically go into the group and post again not just your link you’re gonna post value post tips post information and then you’re gonna basically tell people hey if you want more information go ahead and check this out and then you’re gonna link them to your website okay so I hope you enjoyed this video my friend again I have another video in the facebook which you click that card goes way more in detail like what to say in the group but that’s pretty much it and now first off I want to thank you for watching this video my friend if you got value be sure to like it I could just make this way more complicated but it’s really that simple start going to Cora start posting in facebook groups with your link giving value you’re gonna start getting clicks and start making money and again you can take the money instantly when you’re paid into a PayPal account and it’s really powerful so again if you like this video be sure to like it so I know to make more be sure to subscribe below and click that Bell notification because you won’t see all my videos if you don’t do that and last but not least like I said this is a good way to make some extra money but if you want to make hundreds of dollars a day and get my full step-by-step recommendation and system to do that that I’m personally using click that link in the first description you’ll get taken to a free overview video where you can walk through and see much more information so thanks so much for watching my friend and I will see you I’m at tomorrow’s video take care [Music]


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