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ooh $1 and 75 says for this email on this account and boom $2 for each email that I collect on this account I’m going to see how many emails that I can collect because each email on this one is going to earn me $2 all right so a total of all the emails that I have is 13,000 and 48 emails let me grab my handy little calculator here so that’s $2 per email times 13,000 and 48 equals welcome back guys my name is big mark I create videos about making money online and if you subscribe right now I’ll send you a notification and an update whenever I create a new video so you guys don’t miss nothing and if you stay to the very end of this video I have a bonus for you that’s going to allow you to make even more money right on line all right let’s go ahead and jump into the video affiliate networks want to pay you for collecting emails up to $2 for every single one that you get so let’s just say that you collect only 500 emails all right so let me grab my little handy little calculator and you’re getting $2 for every single email that you collect times 500 emails and you guys probably already know the math that’s going to be 1,000 dollars I know it sounds crazy but these affiliate network companies guarantee to pay you for doing this so this is really really exciting now let’s talk about how this whole thing works the first thing you are going to do is you are going to join an affiliate network now the one that I recommend is called pure fly this is really easy to get into it’s a very user friendly site and so what you’re gonna do is go to pure fly comm and then right up here at the very top click on the button that says start earning today right I love that button start earning today and that’s going to take you over to this page where you guys are going to apply now a lot of people get also they go crazy and scared about this stuff but you know what this is just a publisher application and I have found that pure fly is one of the most easiest affiliate networks to get into so once you get to this page right here make sure to fill out all the information everything don’t leave try not to leave anything blank be honest and fill out all your in answer all the questions and then just go ahead and click on continue now once you get approved then you will get access to all of the different offers that are inside of the website so you can start making money collecting emails all right so for this what we’re gonna be looking at here I decided to go with iPhones I think a lot of us know what an iPhone is and I’m probably you’re wondering like well how am I gonna make money collecting emails about iPhones like what’s this all about well I’ll explain everything right on this video you guys are going to absolutely love this and make sure to stay to the very end of this video because I have a bonus for you guys that I think you’re absolutely gonna love so you can earn even more money so what I’ve done here is I’ve just went over to the offers page and I typed in iphone and then I’m looking through here and I’m having all of these different offers that we have to choose from and the ones that you guys are gonna want to look at are the ones that say email or zip submits this means that people just have to enter their email address and then you guys are going to get paid so yeah if it says $2 for every single email or if it says like a dollar 50 for every single email that you get you are going to have that dollar 50 added to your account I know it sounds overly simplified but it really is that simple so let’s just take this as an example here’s one right here that says iPhone X questions this is an incentive email submit so if I click on the information for that that’s gonna take me over to this page right here you can see at the very top of the information for this offer you do have a link right up here now let’s just scroll down here for a minute and if you look right here where it says underneath payout it’s going to show you exactly how much you guys are going to make for each email that you collect for this offer so for this one it’s going to pay me $1 in 40 cents alright so CPA that’s cost per action and the action that’s taking place here is someone entering their email address now if you guys want to check out a preview of the page to see what it looks like when you drive people to these different pages then come right down here and click on landing page preview that will open up into a new window and they’re gonna see something that looks like this so what’s gonna happen is there might be a few questions let’s go ahead and try this out so it’s gonna say do you own three or more Apple products currently actually I do I have I have more than three so I’m gonna go put yes do you find the price of the iPhone x2 hi Oh kalpen yes and these are just some simple questions to create some type of micro commitment for the people so when they come to this page they’re more likely to answer the questions and submit their email address have you tried others phone brands such as Samsung no I haven’t okay now wait a second is calculating and boom congratulations so right at this point people will enter in their email address and as soon as they do that and press on submit then you’re gonna have the funds and the money added to your account on pur fly now I know what you guys are thinking how am I going to get people to click and enter in their email addresses into these little boxes and stuff right I mean that’s the big question where do I get the traffic I don’t have money to get traffic you know I want to do this for free well I got you covered because on this video I’m going to show you exactly how to get everything and do everything that we’ve talked about for absolutely free okay so the first method we’re going to talk about is over on Facebook so what you guys are going to do and what you got to do is create a Facebook page most people know how to create Facebook pages out there the key here is to create something a little bit trendy something popular so in this example here I’ve chosen to go with iPhone wallpapers so let’s go ahead and check out one of these pages let’s just go with this one right here iPhone wallpapers it has like 10,000 likes or something like that so let’s go ahead and click on that page over here and let’s just go ahead and check it out so he posts different wallpapers that looks like on a regular basis he’s been doing this for a while and he has over 10,000 people that like this page and 10,000 people follow him what that means is is that every time he posts a new wallpaper someone’s going to get that notification in their newsfeed it could be on their phone it could be on their desktop whenever they’re using Facebook they are going to get notified about that and so that that’s really powerful so if you look very closely looking over here on the wallpapers you’ll see that he has a link so he talks about okay here’s a little Pikachu wallpaper here and then he has a link right here well this is the trick guys here’s what you can do so what you can do is post a wallpaper and then say well hey if you like this wallpaper that’s great but if you would like to learn how you can get a free iPhone excess or or iPhone 10 I think they call it then they click on this link below and then what happens is that’s going to take them over to this page right here that’s how you guys are going to get traffic so there are thousands of people every single day looking around the web they’re looking on Google they’re looking on Facebook trying to figure out ways to find different creative wallpapers now I want to cover another question that you might have and that is where am I going to get these wallpapers okay where am I going to find free wallpapers and legally be able to post and customize them and place them on my different Facebook pages well that’s super super simple all you have to do is go over to a website it’s called unsplash now this website right here it’s totally copyright free you can use any of the images on this website any way that you wish okay just like it says the Internet’s source for freely usable images ok that’s their tagline you guys can just go in there are photographers that have taken beautiful photos for you to use free of charge there’s no royalties or anything like that do whatever you want you can sell them you can give them away for free okay you can just create some iPhone wallpapers which is what we want to do so to look for something you can just type in different like this one was kind of cool it’s got like some Kosmos right here go ahead and click on that and and then so what I’ll do is I’ll click on one and it’ll give me some other kind of like related photos that I can use and I can easily create some cool wallpapers using some of these so I can even just come up here in the search box and type in space something like that I’m kind of a sci-fi guy so not that space is all science fiction but anyway so looking through here so space pictures I can just take one of these and create some really really cool wallpapers had a cool idea earlier I was thinking about like um something like liquid because I don’t know because I was looking around on these this guy’s a wallpapers for his iPhones and stuff like that I felt something liquidy kind of wallpapers and different things I thought that was that was really cool and I’ve seen a lot of people that have these types of wallpapers so what I’m going to do is what I could do is just click on this and it’s really easy I can just click right up here on the top right where it says download for free I download that directly to my hard drive I can just crop it down to fit and then just go ahead and upload it to my Facebook page that looks just like this and you guys are going to be on your way some of you are probably asking well how do you get paid okay I mean that’s great you can get a lot of traffic and have people click on your links and they don’t have to buy anything they don’t have to enter their credit card number and they just have to enter their email address into the box and you guys get paid right sounds all good and it’s awesome and there’s people that make a lot of money doing this but how do you get paid if you guys are enjoying everything on this video so far smash that like button right now and tell me which country you are from down below in the comments let me know which country you are from so I can provide more videos and different ways to make money online that work in your area alright let’s go ahead go back to the video over on the pure fly account details page I’ll just click on billing and right here you’re gonna find a little payment method drop-down so some of the options that you guys are gonna have check deposit other and PayPal you guys I know I love PayPal or you can just have a direct wire so let’s take a look at another one here so I have another idea for you guys if you don’t want to do iPhones or maybe you don’t even like iPhones or whatever you can now you can do Galaxy Plus or Samsung or whatever you want to do but if you want to do something a little bit different here’s another idea how about Fitness okay so I’ve typed in Fitness up here in the search box and by the way there’s a little filter here you can drop down so maybe you’re just filtering by a specific country or something like that well I want to target fitness and really target people that are only inside of the United States so it’s an easy way to do that all you have to do is just click on where it says country you can select the United States and then add that to your filter and then it’ll show up here over here on the right okay so that’s all you have to do and then just click on apply okay so I’ve already done this so I’m looking through here and I found something earlier that really stood out to me and that was a Gold’s membership this is a Gold’s membership and you get paid a dollar 64 every single email submit okay so looking into this a little bit further Gold’s gym membership through just a plain email submit here’s a link for you guys right here and so I’ll scroll down here it says they’re gonna pay me a dollar sixty CPA so that’s one dollars and sixty cents for every single email that I collect if I click on the preview landing page right here this is what they are going to see so it says take our survey and get a year’s membership to Gold’s Gym that sounds awesome so how are you guys going to attract people to the fitness industry or from the fitness industry okay here’s what you do now just to let you know gold’s gyms are like all over the United States okay so here’s what you’re gonna do go right back over to Facebook so go over to Facebook and type in fitness motivation you guys are gonna find different pages about fitness motivation so so in this case let’s just pick one out here so women’s fitness motivation here’s one right here it’s got over 5,000 likes so if we click on that that’ll take us right over here and it says your body is designed to move so this is someone’s made this fitness motivation for women and if I scroll through here I want you guys to look at this because these are just simple images with different quotes but here’s also something that I want to show you I really think whoever’s running this page they’re really leaving a lot of money on the table because they’ve got over like well they got over 5,000 likes over 5,000 people follow this page so if she posts something there’s a good chance that that whoever’s following this page is going to see it in their newsfeed well if they check that out and if they click on that and that says hey happy Saturday everyone that’s all cool but see right down here you can have some hashtags but what you can also do is have some type of link there that goes to the CPA offer okay so in this case right down here you can say oh by the way if you want to learn how to get a free gold gym membership for a whole year then check out that link below check out this link right here okay you can do that and then what that’s going to do is take them over to this page and all they have to do and the one thing I like about this they don’t have to use their credit card they don’t have to even put their name or last name or phone number or no personal information all they have to do is just simply enter an email address and you guys are gonna have that money added to your account okay it’s really straightforward guys that’s really how the whole thing works now for those of you are wondering well where am I going to get how am I gonna create these quotes and different images for my fitness page we’ll just go right over here there’s so many different apps out there that allow you to create these different creative lettering and typography quotes for different images all you have to do is just upload an image or a photo of something and then the app will allow you to create this like creative text that goes right over the photo so here’s one right here it’s called quote maker for Android apps here’s one called your your quote and another one here pick lab photo editor you can just put any picture that you want and there’s already pre-made typography type text effects and different things that you guys all you have to do is just change the letter and change the text to whatever you want and it’s just going to look awesome kind of makes you look like a pro when if you don’t have any experience with graphic design that makes you look like a pro here’s another one here font Oh or phone toe or phone toe yeah and so a quotes crater is another one here some of these are available for both iPhone and Android devices as well so there’s always a possibility to do things guys take action now I promised you I would give you a bonus and that’s what I’m going to give you right now okay so now let’s just face it there’s not a huge problem with any of the stuff that we talked about this stuff really really works the only thing is it’s really going to take you guys some time to develop and and to drive traffic and get people to like your different Facebook pages I mean can we all agree maybe it takes time to get likes and to get exposure so you can build up your different Facebook pages well here’s something that I want to show you how would you guys like to do a little bit more how would you like to earn a little bit more money online maybe something around a hundred or two hundred dollars a day coming in okay with your business well this is exactly what I’m doing okay I’ve learned how to create a full time passive income right online and a passive income is something where you are making money when you’re not working so if you’re sleeping as a matter of fact I woke up this morning and I had new money in my account so I woke up I checked my phone and I had new money coming in if I’m out on traveling on vacay if I’m on a road trip or whatever I am and I still have that money coming in and so how in the world can you do that while I’ve been doing this and I’ve been creating multiple streams of income using the system and so I want to share this with you right now so if you guys want to learn how to do this well check out the link below in the description of this video right now and I’m gonna share with you my number one most recommended opportunity okay if you’re on a shoestring budget you don’t have a lot of cash right now don’t worry about it click on that link below right now I will get that information over to you guys right away okay if you enjoyed what you saw on this video today hey smash that like button right now and I will send you an update and a notification whenever I come out with a new video so you guys don’t miss nothing make it a great day and I will see you on the next video peace [Music]


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