www.exercise4fun.com Let fun engage your kid to exercise to keep you fit and strong

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www.exercise4fun.com Let fun engage your kid to exercise to keep you fit and strong

  • Wash your hands before and after playing Fitness 4 Fun game.

  • Staying hydrated before, doing, and after your workout is imperative to reduce fatigue and cramps.

  • We need oxygen to feed our muscles so remember to BREATH to prevent cramping and dizziness.

  • Implement a light WARMUP before you begin working out to prevent injury.

  • Do not overexert yourself. If you are starting a new workout plan or a beginner start off slow and build up overtime.

  • Do not give up!! Working out is not a marathon. You might not see immediate results it takes time so stay FOCUS to reach your goal. KEEP MOVING!!!

  • Having a well-balanced eating habit will increase the energy needed for a successful and healthy lifestyle.


Exercise For Kids – Fun Way To Get Your Kid Exercise

Children often feel like they are alone in their pursuit of fitness. They may talk about joining a gym, joining a cheerleading team, or even buying a treadmill. But with the right tools and guidance kids can be successful with exercise. A good example is to find fun games for exercise for children. These games are fun and engaging and provide children with a healthy outlet for their energy.

Playing these games with your children each day can be a great way to make them go the extra mile when it comes to exercise. Exercise can not only prevent childhood obesity, but also has several other health advantages beyond what the naked eye can view such as stronger bones and muscles, an increased cardiovascular system, a better respiratory system, a better digestive system, improved learning skills, and a decreased risk of depression. Plus, simply being active makes a child feel better about themselves and has positive benefits for their mental well-being. These games for exercise can be a great way to kick start a fun and exercise program that works for the whole family. And just having fun along with your kids will be motivation for them to stick with their exercise program.

One fun way to get children interested in exercise is to invite them to join a gym class. While it may seem like a hassle, children love to be around others and when they see their friends have fun with exercise they are more likely to join. Children may even feel like they have to join so they can be in the “big group” and get a chance to be with their friends. If you don’t want to take the time to go to the gym, there are plenty of other ways to get your kids to exercise such as doing it together at home or taking them to a family activity like a movie or outdoor play. Either way, getting them involved in the activity will help them get a healthy amount of exercise and make them feel like they are part of something larger than themselves.

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