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State Alabama
Country United States

Taste that Lingers in your mind!!

Split Rock Coffee was founded with this simple idea: bring the high quality coffee usually found only in coffee houses to offices and retail customer. Innovation and quality are but a few of founder Jim Doyle’s vision in 2013. Each member of Split Rock Coffee (from roasters to quality checks) are committed to providing the best coffee experience you’ve had the pleasure of. Try us, we dare you!!!!

About Split Rock Coffee

Coffee Roasting and Innovation You’ve Yet to Experience

Split Rock Coffee was founded in 2013 with the simple idea of bringing high quality coffee to offices and retail customers. New owners Paul Reese and Ron Buster are taking that idea and expanding on it to provide the same great tasting coffee to everyone; delivering coffee to your door, at your workplace, and in the hotels and suites where you stay for business or for fun.

Our coffee beans are carefully selected from only the finest growers in South America, Central America, Indonesia, and Africa to create the perfect balance of flavors in your cup. Our master roaster has over 25 years of experience in the coffee industry, and roasts Split Rock Coffee locally for maximum freshness. Split Rock Coffee’s customer service is top-notch, and our goal is to impress you, from the flavor and richness of our coffee, to the genuine care you receive when you place an order.

Split Rock Coffee is owned by retired, disabled veterans and their families. We support our military and law enforcement partners across the globe by offering a 10% discount to military and law enforcement families on every purchase

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