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State Alabama
Country United States

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Wayne Dreadski is a one of a kind recording artist. If you love the modern sounds of hip-hop, tropical house, dubstep, trip-hop, acid jazz, or techno, you can thank the Jamaican music pioneers of dub music (a.k.a. dub reggae).

Wayne Dreadski brings a thick and heavy sound. The timing of the beats in his one of a kind music gives it a hypnotic feel because of its relaxed nature. Drum styles have been introduced and incorporated in Wayne Dreadski’s music which gives it a unique and exciting feel. Wayne Dreadski has worked on his vocals to preserve the natural tone of his voice and can also be identified with his style

of singing. His voice has a soulful quality about it, that is very easy to listen to. His songs are very well constructed and the lyrics have a depth and meaning that stays with you long after you have listened to the song. His songs are written in such a way that they flow from one part of the song to another seamlessly. The instrumentation in his songs are tastefully chosen and perfectly placed to enhance the overall feel of the song. Wayne Dreadski is not a man who sits around waiting for things to happen.

His songs are easy to remember and hum along with. The lyrics are meaningful, thought-provoking and positive. His music is not only played in nightclubs but also radio stations all over the world. He has also had songs featured in various TV shows such as “The Sopranos,” “Friends,” “Clueless,” “Sex and the City,” “Entourage,” “Baywatch,” and many more.


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